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Farmpastra LLC

The Farmpastra platform is a new initiative for Ethiopia and the first of its kind in Ethiopia and the horn of Africa. The vision of FarmPastra LLC is to revolutionize Ethiopia’s tradition-bound agriculture through creating a new marketplace that serves all market actors, from farmers and pastorals to traders to processors to exporters to consumers. The Farmpastra platform is a unique partnership of market actors, the users of the platform.

Farmpastra Platform

The Farmpastra Platform is a marketing and distribution system an online, & offline 24-hour marketplace, meaning an internet & telephone hotline call center for an exchange of Ethiopian livestock, agricultural products, and fruits Farmpastra is a modern local as well as international agricultural exchange.

Mission and Vision

  • Our Vision

    This is transforming the traditional marketing and distribution system of Ethiopian Agri Products by becoming a global Agri-Product online & offline market of choice.

  • Our Mission

    Is to connect all buyers and sellers in an efficient, reliable, and transparent online & offline market, by harnessing innovation and technology, and based on continuous learning, fairness, and commitment to excellence. 

  • The Farmpastra LLC design is unique in that it integrates the entire “eco-system” related to the market, spanning the central trading system, warehouse delivery centers, product grade certification, clearing banks, an arbitration tribunal, a market information system linking rural sites, remote electronic trading centers, and a secure data center to manage the platform users and market information. An over-arching legal framework and a government regulatory agency ensure the viability of this entire integrated environment. This integration enables a country such as Ethiopia, where none of the individual components may exist as stand-alone institutions, to mutually support and reinforce the Farmpastra market objectives.
  • Farmpastra is developing a new method of exchange and a safer one for all who trade on it.
  • A marketing system that coordinates better, that links faster, and that protects the interests of both sides of the trade.

How Farmpastra LLC Works

The first of its kind in Ethiopia, Farmpastra LLC is an online & offline marketing and distribution platform to its users for Agri-product exchange that provides low-cost, secure marketplace services to benefit all agricultural market stakeholders and invites industry professionals to seek the best use of it, enabling them to participate in trading.

  • We will bridge the gaps in food and market security through an organised platform for an efficient, fair, transparent and formal marketplace.
  • Farmpastra LLC links farmers, Pastrolist and vendors at fair Price to everyone.
  • We source quality produce from the Somali Region farmers, Patoralist, and deliver to vendors in urban and Export Markets.
  • Our Farmers and Pastoralist Clients will sell their products Offline via Hotline Call Center
  • Our Vendors and Export Clients will buy our products via Online.

Have another questions?

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Farmpastra LLC promotes and enables the following market services:

Market integrity, in collaboration with relevant government body by guaranteeing the product grade and quantity and Operating a system of daily clearing and settling of contracts.
Market efficiency by operating a trading system where buyers and sellers can coordinate in a seamless way on the basis of standardized contracts.
Market transparency by disseminating market information in real time to all market players.
Risk management by offering contracts for future delivery, providing sellers and buyers a way to hedge against price risk.

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